Just because we have creative aspirations doesn’t mean we can’t be grammar nerds and sticklers for clear, concise language – they aren’t mutually exclusive.

Editing is about making communication better, eliminating repetition, pretension and waste – and ensuring readers/viewers remain interested.

We edit and proofread PhD theses, blogs, web content, memoirs, short stories – even emails – and we offer three forms of editing:

Substantive/structural editing

involves comprehensive editing of the writing, structure and ideas within a document.

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Copy editing

 involves editing at a grammatical level and ensures writing is consistent in style and layout.

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comprises a final, detailed check of a document after it has been edited and formatted.

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Some of our clients

Media Giants – e-content company

Lee Kofman – published author (Imperfect, The Runaway Bride)

Joanna Kujawa – published author (Jerusalem Diary: Searching for the Tomb and House of Jesus)

Bill Davies – self-published author (On Country)

Val Case – published author (The Undertaker’s Wife)

Bozin Pavlovski – author of a series of soon-to-be published novels on Macedonia and migration

Grandparents Victoria/Kinship Carers Victoria – not-for-profit NGOs

Department of Health, WA

Josiane Behmoiras – PhD candidate

Tanya Serry – PhD candidate

Margaret Pozzebon – PhD candidate