Substantive/structural editing

But how did you react inside when they said that?

This character adds nothing to the narrative.

Perhaps take the second chapter out altogether, or at least move it back to between chapters four and five.

The first thing readers will think when they read that paragraph is that you’re being sarcastic. Are you?

Substantive editing is necessary when a document would benefit from rewriting or restructuring by a professional writer. We work closely with the original writer or organisation to develop the text to a highly publishable standard.

Substantive/scructural editing can include:

  • significant rewriting or restructuring of a text
  • major rewording at a sentence or paragraph level throughout a document
  • a focus on a document’s intended audience and issues such as writing style, content and message
  • ensuring ideas and arguments are clearly expressed, logical, consistent and well developed.

What is copy editing? What is proofreading?