Graphic Design

Logos, posters, flyers, business cards – we design anything with words and images that needs to shove bland out of the way.

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We build inexpensive sites using Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix and Shopify then teach you how to steer them yourself.

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We make your words clearer, cleaner and more original – hasten minds, don’t drain life from them.

Some of our work with words

Cliche-free design

Well ... almost

Relying on other people’s words and ideas is easy, so we don’t. Except where we can take old work and make something new out of it.

And some – some – cliches are beautiful because they contain universal truths.


This is us

Our multi-gender and species team.

Lisa Mills shebang media

Lisa Mills

SheBang Media

Rachel Judd

Writer / Creator

Rex Dog

Human Wrangler

Mr Brown's blog

Musings, thoughts, insights, misunderstandings.

How to come up with an idea

That heading is only slightly flippant. When I am sitting at my market stall and...
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Frozen into action

My writing began with a slight flicker of my right eyelid.
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Embrace your ordinariness

In a hype-obsessed world, where everything is ‘awesome’ or ‘special’, everyone who displays a speck...
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A bit of wisdom

  • “You grow ravenous. You run fevers. You know exhilarations. You can’t sleep at night, because your beast-creature ideas want out and turn you in your bed. It is a grand way to live.”

    Ray Bradbury
  • “Chance favors the connected mind.”

    Steven Johnson